Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another batch

I'm wondering if I could possibly make it a goal to do five of these a day. That was a New Year's Resolution, but now is Official New Year's Resolution Revisiting time (according to Peter Stampfel).

Pratchett, Terry THE TRUTH, HarperCollins, 2nd('00), (A Novel of Discworld®), new in dj 24.00 Pratchett, Terry THE BROMELIAD TRILOGY, HarperCollins '03, 1st US edn,  (collects Truckers, Diggers & Wings; 502 pages), new in dj 17.99 
Ballantine 23712 Bass, T.J. THE GODWHALE, 1/74, (PBO; She was a cyborg - Part-organic whale, part-mechanized ship), vg+ 3.00 
Robinson, Kim Stanley THE MEMORY OF WHITENESS, Orb, 2/96, (a scientific romance; attempts to suggest analogues between Music theory and the structure of the Universe), new 13.95 
Robinson, Frank M. THE DARK BEYOND THE STARS, Orb, 1/98, (a generation-ship masterpiece; Lambda Literary Award winner; A New York Times Notable Book), new 14.95

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