Sunday, February 28, 2010

FAQ: Do you buy used books?

Email rec'd:
Dear Chris Drumm books. Do you buy used books? I know I've bought a lot of used books from you in the past, and am hoping you still need some more. Please let me know if you're interested, and any necessary information.
My reply:
I'm not that much in the market for picking up used books now that I no longer send out printed-paper catalogs. I still like to acquire good books, but I presently have way more than I can keep up with in cataloging (though not all necessarily so good). I haven't officially ended my consignment scheme. A few people still get rid of their excess by sending it to me, and I try to do the right thing with it, or at least I want to try -- and I do enjoy receiving (most of) them -- but since my sales of particular titles is so hit or miss -- mostly miss -- I can't in good conscience recommend myself as the best repository.
One idea that might be something to try, if you have a list of what you're wanting to get rid of, I could copy it onto my bookselling blog and see if that excites any interest. But I wouldn't harbor much in the way of expectations.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Haffner order sent

Sent order to Haffner for two 2010 titles, hopefully enabling me to also supply the bonus chapbook add-on for pre-orderers.