Wednesday, December 14, 2011

more updated listings

It's been slower going than I hoped getting things cataloged, with all the distractions and my poor work habits. I think I will post these in increments of five, instead of one at a time (especially if all I have to show for whole day is one or two listings).
Here now the latest stab at revised and updated listings:
GAUNTLET: Exploring the Limits of Free Expression #2, '91, (Stephen King Special; Ray Bradbury, Piers Anthony, David Wojnarowicz, Andrew Vachss, Graham Masterton; "Top Ten Censors of 1990, MPAA Exposed, 2 Live Crew, Kiddie Porn; Recommended for mature adults; 402 pages), perfectbound, vg $8; as new 15.00

McAuley, Paul J. WHITE DEVILS, Simon & Schuster UK, 2nd, (hard-edged near-future biotech thriller; thought-provoking heart-stopping white-knuckle ride; 521 pages), vg-f in dj 12.00

Lobdell, Jared THE WORLD OF THE RINGS: Language, Religion, and Adventure in Tolkien, Open Court '04, 1st, (classics study, here revised and expanded; eccentric and compelling), f $15

Smith, Clark Ashton THE LAST OBLIVION: Best Fantastic Poems of..., Hippocampus ('02), 1st edn, (includes glossary of unusual words and names; S.T. Joshi & David E. Schultz [eds]; 194 pages), new 15.00 

NOVA EXPRESS #19, spr-sum/00 (Volume 5, Number 3), (Neil Gaiman interview Part 1; Russell Blackford on Greg Egan, Patrick O'Leary Fails to Analyze Gene Wolfe, Nick Gevers on Paul J. McAuley's Confluence; more) •---#21, spr-sum/01, (interview with Tim Powers; reviews; more), new 4.00 [listed at $2 on biblio because I have a hefty number of these on hand - I'll be happy to honor that price; also, I'm sure I have a similar number of #20 too, but there's only one copy right here beside me, so I won't re-list it in earnest now, but I could maybe be prevailed upon to mount an expedition for it]

Friday, December 2, 2011

updated listings

Updated listings (with links added):
Lupoff, Pat & Dick Lupoff THE BEST OF XERO, Tachyon, 7/04, 1st edn, (an array of highlights from Hugo-winning fanzine published between 1960 and 1962; Roger Ebert intro), new in dj 29.95
[30% discount]

LITTLE LULUª: Lulu Goes Shopping, Dark Horse, 11/04, 1st edn, (reprints issues six through twelve in Dark Horse's complete run of John Stanley and Irving Tripp's legendary Little Lulu comics), f 12.00

Thursday, December 1, 2011

further re-cataloging

Catalog listing update:

Di Filippo, Paul THE STEAMPUNK TRILOGY, Four Walls Eight Windows, 4/95, 1st, (collects Victoria, Hottentots & Walt and Emily; invests history with a cockeyed verisimilitude; set in the very alternative 19th century; 352 pages), as new (but about vg-f) in dj 20.00
---now down to my last copy -- new but not perfect (unread - probably a bookstore return but not a remainder.