Sunday, December 2, 2012

catalog updates

Okay, here are a few things I've managed to do catalog updates on since the last time I posted, way back when. I was holding off to try to get all the Doppelgängers finished up, but that pile swam away from me, while other things drifted in. I'm starting to work on some Scream Factory magazines now, so I thought I ought to publish these now:

ARGONAUT SCIENCE FICTION #18, fall/93, (strange journeys with Albert J. Manachino, Charles M. Saplak, Victor Gallis, Marge Simon; more), vg-f 3.00

---#20, sum/95, (Manachino, Jacob, Tiani, William John Watkins, etc.), 72-page stapled magazine, untrimmed, vg-f 4.00

DOPPELGANGER #1, 9/84, Richard Fawcett, (Cthulhu Mythos stories, poetry and art, including a new story by Weird Tales author Mary E. Counselman; Ronny P. Kaye [ed]), 60-page booklet, as new 10.00

---#2, 11/84, Richard Fawcett, (a second foray into the mystical, the deranged and the uncommon; Ronny P. Kaye [ed]), 60-page booklet, as new 6.00

---#3, 2/85, Richard Fawcett, (more of the different, including deadly damsels art by Mandana Parsazad and a music column; Ronny P. Kaye [ed]), 60-page booklet, as new 6.00

---#6, 2/86, Richard Fawcett, ('666' issue; stories of elemental forces, things Freudian and necrophilic, and people in a hole; John Benson [ed]), vg-f 6.00

Dell pb 14559 Drumm, D.B. (=John Shirley) TRAVELLER #2: Kingdom Come, 7/84, (PBO; In a postnuke wasteland, he's the only hero we've got!), g-vg $2; vg+ 3.50 (isbn: 0440145597)

Dell pb 14317 Finney, Jack INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, 3rd(1/79), (movie tie), vg-f $3 (isbn: 0440143179)

Bantam 25541 Innes, Evan (=Zach Hughes) AMERICA 2040, 4/86, (PBO; 1st in series; the spirit of the pioneers lives on), vg+ 3.00 (isbn: 055325541X)

Bantam 26204 Innes, Evan (=Zach Hughes) AMERICA 2040 #3: City In the Mist, 4/87, (PBO; The majestic epic of America's conquest of space), review slip, vg-f 3.50 (isbn: 0553262041)

Lerner, Fred A BOOKMAN'S FANTASY: How Science Fiction Became Respectable, NESFA, 2/95, 1st edn, (24 essays by one of SF's premier essayists... with four introductions), new 11.95 (isbn: 091536865X)

Lovecraft, H.P. HISTORY OF THE NECRONOMICON, (Strange Co.), nd, (Wikipædia: "a short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in 1927, and published in 1938. It describes the fictional book the Necronomicon, a now-famous element used in several of his stories"), folded sheet (4 pages), vg 1.00

Lovecraft, H.P. LETTERS FROM NEW YORK, Night Shade ('05), 1st edn, (Lovecraft Letters #2; letters written by HPL between 1922-1926; Joshi & Schultz [eds]; Glossary of Names; Index; 332 pages), as new in dj 150.00 (isbn: 1892389371)

Lovecraft, H. P. POLARIS, (Strange Co.), nd, (Wikipedia: "a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, written in 1918 and first published in the December 1920 issue of the amateur journal The Philosopher. It is noteworthy as the story that introduces Lovecraft's fictional Pnakotic Manuscripts, the first of his arcane tomes."), folded sheet (4 pages), as new 1.00

Pocket pb 44952 Monteleone, Thomas F. NIGHT-TRAIN, 10/84, (PBO; A Novel of Horror; Under the subways' roar, out of the deep, wet caves, comes the fury from hell...), vg+ 4.00 (isbn: 0671449524)

Berkley 02380 Reed, Kit MISTER DA V. and Other Stories, 7/73, (The celebrated story of a brilliant man yanked out of his own time), fr-g (cover messed up by being stuck to another book, actual text and binding are vg++)  2.00 (isbn: 042502380X)

Tower 51556 Robinson, Eleanor THE SILVERLEAF SYNDROME, ('80), (The search for a lost boy becomes a bizarre encounter with biological horror!), g-vg (label residue on front cover) $2 (isbn: 0505515563)

Wandrei, Donald COLLECTED POEMS, Necronomicon, 3/88, 1st, (Howard Wandrei [illus]; Joshi [ed]), 91-page stapled booklet, vg+ 25.00

Ace pb 65125 Williamson, Jack THE PANDORA EFFECT, ('69), (PBO; stories; A box of wonders from lost eons and future worlds), vg (discrete price sticker on front cover) 3.00 (isbn: 0441651259)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Five more revisited listings:

Del Rey 29054 Leiber, Justin BEYOND REJECTION, 9/80, (PBO; someone had stolen his body - and thereby hangs the tale...), g-vg $1; vg $2; vg+ $3 (ISBN: 0345290542)

Stableford, Brian FABLES & FANTASIES, Necronomicon, 10/96, 1st, (fantasy collection; 30 pages), 7 x 8.5" stapled booklet, as new 10.00

VanderMeer, Jeff THE BOOK OF LOST PLACES: The Selected Works of..., Dark Regions, Selected Works #9 ('96), one of 250 copies SIGNED by author and artist, (strongly imagined and impeccably crafted stories; Mark Rich intro; illustrated by Rodger Gerberding; 118 pages), as new 70.00 (ISBN: 1888993065)

Wisman, Ken FOURTEEN FANTASIES FROM A SHOP CALLED IMAGINATION, Dark Regions ('02), 1st edn, (fantasy, horror, humor; 146 pages), as new 15.00 (ISBN: 188899326X)

Wilson, Richard THE KID FROM OZONE PARK & Other Stories, Drumm Booklet #27, 8/87, 1st, (original stories personally selected by the late author), new 3.50 (ISBN: 0936055324)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some more revised listings I've finally managed to eke out. Not much cataloging going on, although there certainly should be. I'm working on a pile of some actual new arrivals (of like-new used books), but not making much headway there either. So just these for now, and hoping to get hopping anon:

Swanwick, Michael THE POSTMODERN ARCHIPELAGO: Two Essays on Science Fiction and Fantasy, Tachyon, 10/97, 1st edn, SIGNED, (a thoughtful and insightful look into the science fiction field of the early to mid-1980s; "A User's Guide to the Post Moderns" is published here for the first time since its initial magazine appearance in Asimov's, along with "In the Tradition...", Swanwick's elegant essay on the fantasy genre, as well as a brand new introduction written by Swanwick for this collection; 66-page booklet), new 7.50 [ISBN: 0964832062]

Sturgeon, Theodore THE PERFECT HOST: Vol. V: The Complete Stories of..., North Atlantic '00, 1st, (stories written between 1947 & 1949; Larry McCaffery foreword), new 18.95 [ISBN: 1556433603]
Rayner, Richard THE CLOUD SKETCHER, HarperCollins '01, 1st edn, (impossibly romantic skyscraper of a novel), new in dj 25.00 [30% discount]
Roberts, Keith PAVANE, Del Rey Impact, 3/01, (acknowledged classic of alternate history; "steampunk" precursor), vg-f $12; another, PR laid in, vg-f $16 [10%]
DAW 436 Selby, Curt (=Doris Piserchia) BLOOD COUNTY, 6/81, (PBO; Horror was their heritage, for they were the people that the census dared not count!), vg+ 4.00 [10%]

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another batch

I'm wondering if I could possibly make it a goal to do five of these a day. That was a New Year's Resolution, but now is Official New Year's Resolution Revisiting time (according to Peter Stampfel).

Pratchett, Terry THE TRUTH, HarperCollins, 2nd('00), (A Novel of Discworld®), new in dj 24.00 Pratchett, Terry THE BROMELIAD TRILOGY, HarperCollins '03, 1st US edn,  (collects Truckers, Diggers & Wings; 502 pages), new in dj 17.99 
Ballantine 23712 Bass, T.J. THE GODWHALE, 1/74, (PBO; She was a cyborg - Part-organic whale, part-mechanized ship), vg+ 3.00 
Robinson, Kim Stanley THE MEMORY OF WHITENESS, Orb, 2/96, (a scientific romance; attempts to suggest analogues between Music theory and the structure of the Universe), new 13.95 
Robinson, Frank M. THE DARK BEYOND THE STARS, Orb, 1/98, (a generation-ship masterpiece; Lambda Literary Award winner; A New York Times Notable Book), new 14.95

Monday, March 5, 2012

a few more re-done listings

Moorcock, Michael THE LIVES AND TIMES OF JERRY CORNELIUS: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse, Four Walls Eight Windows, 1st, 9/03, (stories published between 1969 and 2002; adds new intro by author), new 15.00 
Rifbjerg, Klaus WITNESS TO THE FUTURE, Fjord '87, 1st edn in English (pb variant), (time thriller by famous Danish novelist; an allegory of the chaos and emptiness of modern times that conveys admiration for a simpler past; translated from the Danish by Steve Murray), new 8.95 
Tor 51878 Crockett, Linda SANDMAN, 10/90, (PBO; This Sandman brings nightmares...while his victims are awake!), mmpb, g-vg $1; vg+ $2; 2nd, vg-f 2.50 
O'Rourke, Monica J. (ed) DECADENCE ONE, Prime ('02), POD edn, (Sixteen erotic horror tales written by masters of the genre: Nancy Kilpatrick, Charlee Jacob, Jack Fisher, E.C.McMullen Jr., Brian Knight, Rain Graves, Adam Pepper, Sephera Giron, Nicholas Kaufmann, Gene O'Neill, Teri A. Jacobs, Thomas Deja, d.g.k. goldberg, John Urbancik, and Edo van Belkom), tpb, new 12.95 
Roberts, Adam SALT, Gollancz '00, 1st, (evocation of an alien world of remarkable power, intense beauty and profound insight; classic SF by a debut writer), tpb, vg-f 10.00

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

more cataloging

New arrival (not really new new -- took a long time to catalog):
Silverman, Hildy (editor) SPACE AND TIME #114, spr/11 issue, (The Magazine of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction; Larry Hodges, Scott H. Andrews, Josepha Sherman; more; 48 pages), 8.5x11", new 5.00

Re-catalogs and used new-arrivals: 
Thomson, Keith ONCE A SPY, Doubleday '10, 1st edn, (adrenalin-fueled concoction of sidesplitting humor and genuine suspense), "BOOK SALE" rubber-stamped on ffep, otherwise vg-f in dj 5.00 
Wellman, Manly Wade WHO FEARS THE DEVIL?, Paizo, 2/10, (in Planet Stories series, Presented by Mike Resnick; The Complete Tales of Silver John; Resnick & Karl Edward Wagner intros), vg+ 10.00 
Ace H- 15 Wollheim, Donald A. & Terry Carr (eds) WORLD'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: 1966, ('66), (The year's [1965's] finest tales of wonder, by Clarke, Leiber, Goulart, Schmitz and many more), g-vg $2; vg (small price sticker) 3.00 
Straub, Peter MYSTERY, Dutton '90, 1st edn, (second in "Blue Rose Trilogy"; Bram Stoker Award winner), "BOOK SALE" rubber stamped on ffep, otherwise, vg+ in dj $8

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few more revised listings (mostly added links):
BACK BRAIN RECLUSE #7, ('87), (original fiction and art; Sneyd, Moorcock; Moorcock interview; 40 pages) • ---#8, ('87), (Steve Sneyd, Wayne Rile Williams, Mark Iles, John Light, Geoff Stevens, Wayne Allen Sallee, etc.) • ---#10, ('88), (Lyle Hopwood, H.R. Feigenhauer, Tom Farbman, Benson Herbert, etc.) • --- #12, '89, (Sneyd, Webb, VanderMeer, winter-damon, etc.), 56-page stapled magazine, as new each, 10.00
THE BEST OF BACK BRAIN RECLUSE #1, ('87), (A selection of material from Back Brain Recluse issues #1 to #4, all of which have been out of print for many years), 60-page stapled A5-size magazine, as new    10.00
Dozois, Gardner (ed) THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Twenty-First Annual Collection, St. Martin's Griffin, 7/04, 1st edn, (includes "Summation: 2003" & "Honorable Mentions"; 665 + xxxviii pages), new 19.95
Powers, Tim DINNER AT DEVIANT'S PALACE, Subterranean '01, one of 750 SIGNED copies, (reprint of 1985 PKD Award-winning novel; the perfect entertainment for those who think of pre-bomb Los Angeles as the Land of the Very Weird), as new in dj 40.00
Priest, Cherie FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS, Marietta ('03), 1st (POD edn), (novel plus bonus short story: "Horror at Snodgrass Hill"; author's first), new 13.99
Robinson, Roger (compiler) (RE)COMMENDED SCIENCE FICTION: A "Core Library" Listing of Over 1200 Titles Based on Nominations for the Major SF and Fantasy Awards Between 1949 & 1997, Beccon, 4/97, 44-page booklet, as new 7.00