Wednesday, September 22, 2010

word from Tartarus

Email rec'd:
Dear Chris,
We have now received, and are shipping, our Guide to First Edition Prices. 50,000 titles are listed, including many authors from the supernatural/weird fiction genre (classic authors like Machen and Lovecraft, through Aickman, to Thomas Ligotti.)
800 page paperback, retail price £19.95
At the printers, and due for publication 15th October, is the promotional paperback "The Inner Room" by Robert Aickman. This will be published in association with the Halifax Ghost Story Festival in a limited eidtion of only 200 copies. As with the recent "N" by Arthur Machen, we do not expect it to stay in print for long.
Paperback, retail price £4.95
And last, but not least,
We now have permission to reprint all of Robert Aickman's short story collections, starting with Sub Rosa:
This will be a sewn hardback of 288+ ix pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w. Publication 31st October 2010. Limited to 350 copies.
Retail price £32.50
Please let me know how many of each of the above you might like...
All best wishes,
---Anyone wanting any of these, let me know. (Discount: 15%)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

word from Earthling

Email rec'd:
Earthling Publications Newsletter
September 20, 2010

Now available for preorder, the latest unclassifiable explosion of storytelling from award-winning author and Earthling favorite:


An original novel by Glen Hirshberg


Paul Dent, penniless and recently orphaned, hops a train in deepest Dust Bowl Oklahoma in the Spring of 1936, and winds up attached to the Federal Writers' Project, one of the least understood, shortest-lived, and most impossibly ambitious government undertakings in the history of the country. He is assigned to capture the essence of the mountain towns of eastern North Carolina for a series of travel books no one believes will ever be published. There, among writers and cheats, arsonists and Reconstructionists, blind and deaf children and disease-ridden Senators, Paul will meet the love of his life and her lover, witness the awakening of one great novelist and the possible resurrection of another, discover more than one America that could have been, and confront the truth about his relationship with his unpredictable, brilliant, and Machiavellian older brother.

There are echoes here of Laurel and Hardy, Bonnie and Clyde, Powell and Loy, Cane and Abel. It's a book of bunk, in other words. A collection of lies. A creation myth about a vanished country that may or may not have existed, and the very real, conflicted nation that has sprung from it.

Lucius Shepherd calls The Book Of Bunk "a miracle of narrative diversity and drive." Jeff Vandermeer said "it is anything but, by turns powerful, sad, ecstatic, and, above all, a clear sign that the uniquely American novel is alive and well. I loved it." From an author who Peter Straub called "a writer to watch and to treasure," Hirshberg's latest novel is a joy to read and to savor and is further proof that he is a masterful storyteller.

Please click the below link to read more and to reserve your copy:



Now available for preorder, this year's Halloween Series book:


An original novel by Peter Crowther

It's just a book that the folks of the small town of Magellan Bend recall reading. A little gruesome, perhaps ... and, in more than one instance, not the reader's usual fare. But it's just a book. Nothing more.

But when the town's resident sleeper awakes from an eight-year nap, his memories are much more than mere words and phrases in a cheap and gaudy horror novel. And as he becomes more and more aware of the shocking truth, the knowledge spreads like graveyard mist sending a clarion call far and wide ... but not only to the townsfolk. No, indeed. There are other things out there, things that ride the night winds on All Hallows Eve ... and they know a lot more about the events recorded in the fabled By Wizard Oak And Fairy Stream.

Clearly, there is unfinished business in Magellan Bend this October and, as the night turns smoky and the world settles down for the onset of winter, the visitors arrive. Again.

And no, it's not just a book.

No way.

BY WIZARD OAK is the 6th book in Earthling's Halloween Series, and features an Introduction by Rick Hautala and art by Glenn Chadborne.

Sarah Pinborough says this about Pete's novel: "In Magellan Bend, Pete Crowther has created a deliciously dark and magical Halloween tale. Beautifully crafted, this rich delight takes the myths and motifs of a Halloween witching story and twists them into something all together the author's own -- something earthy and raw and haunting."

And Rick Hautala says this: "BY WIZARD OAK is the real deal....Scary? You bet'cha. Well-written? Ditto. Peter Crowther takes the 'typical' Hallowe'en story in amazingly new directions that are anything but typical. I guarantee you'll read it in one delicious gulp and wish there were lots more."
Please click the below link to read more and to reserve your copy:




Earthling is also currently working on The Rolling Darkness Revue 2010 (due out around November) and finishing content for Clive Barker's The Painter, The Creature, And The Father Of Lies (targeting publication by Spring 2011). The Very Best of Best New Horror is also back on track after an issue with the printer, and is set for publication by the end of this year; the deluxe edition is sold out, but a small pile of signed & numbered copies remain.


Thanks and all best,

---I'd certainly be amenable to carrying more Earthling, if anyone is interested. Or buy from the publisher!