Thursday, April 14, 2011

netbook musings

I've been doing the update on my catalog listings that Google Documents offers. This allows me to make them look more like they did in my old paper catalogs (e.g. hanging indents -- but I haven't figured out how to do a tab leader yet). For fun I picked up a little Windows netbook a couple weeks ago, to kind of see what it is like for Windows people to do stuff. All along I've always used Macs. The netbook might be fine once I get used to it, but so far: headache after headache. Right now, when I try to go to any of my Document links (for catalog entries), only the first window pane or so gets loaded. I had kind of wondered what it must be like for slower connections or PC users to try to view these links, thinking it might be better if I broke them up into smaller units, but if I had my druthers the whole thing would be in one Document file. There are limits to how big a file you can upload, though. I figured I'd go with as big of files as I could get away with, hopefully leaving room for some future expansion, to avoid having to jump around from place to place looking for things.
Anyway, the updated versions of the documents do seem to take a while to load up, and even on my Macbook the search function doesn't seem to go to listings I might be looking for, although I can scroll down, unlike with this netbook -- which only seems to get so far before it stops. Well, I still only have the Windows Starter system installed. Maybe with an upgrade to the Home Premium everything will work the way I think it should.