Monday, August 23, 2010

email from Sarob Press

Back from the virtual grave:
Hello Chris

Sarob Press is back! Originally, as you know, I closed completely when we moved to northern France but I have decided (now renovations to the main farmhouse are complete) to re-launch Sarob Press.

In 1998 I published Vengeful Ghosts by C.E. Ward. The collection was very well received, sold out pretty quickly and is long out of print.

And now – scheduled for October 2010 – comes Mr Ward’s long-awaited second “limited and numbered hardcover” collection. Seven Ghosts and One Other presents eight Jamesian tales including two new long and previously unpublished supernatural stories and the authorised completion of M.R. James' unfinished “The Game of Bear”. Cover and interior art by Paul Lowe.

Attached is a PDF of the flyer that I’m sending out which gives lots more details [which I can forward to anyone interested].

I am hoping that all my old bookseller friends will be interested in stocking this new Sarob Press title.


UK: UK £20

Europe: 25 euros

USA and Rest of World: USA $35

Visit our new web presence at:

The print run for this title will be very limited so please order early to avoid any disappointment.

I hope to hear from you very shortly.

Kind regards.

Cheers, Rob.