Tuesday, December 16, 2008

word from Darkside!

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The Feaster from Afar

Volume 1 in the Selected Weird Tales


Joseph Payne Brennan


Joseph Payne Brennan was the last of the great Weird Tales authors as well as an accomplished poet, editor, and publisher. When Weird Tales folded just as Brennan was coming into his own as a master of the supernatural tale Brennan’s main market for his fiction disappeared. Throughout the next few years Brennan launched a one-man crusade to keep the Weird Tales tradition alive in the pages of his small-press magazine Macabre. Published infrequently and run on a shoestring budget, Macabre still did a fine job of carrying the flag for stories of the weird and uncanny. In addition to work by other authors familiar to Arkham House and Weird Tales devotees, much of Brennan’s own poetry and prose appeared in its pages.

In the 1970s and 1980s there was a renewed interest in Brennan’s fiction with a new collection from Arkham House, volumes collecting his Lucius Leffing tales of detection, and even a mass-market paperback with an introduction by no less than Stephen King. However, for over twenty years, most of Brennan’s fiction has been out of print. This is a situation we are pleased to be able to rectify. This is the first of four volumes that will collect all of his supernatural and macabre fiction in a matching set.