Friday, October 31, 2008

new Cemetery Dance

Cemetery Dance magazine #59 arrived today -- cataloging in regular blog to come soon...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

word from PS Publishing

---Email rec'd:
PS Publishing E-Bulletin
October 2008

Announcing Secret Histories, an exclusive Tim Powers bibliography by John Berlyne.. and more!

Well, here we are... All Hallows Eve. I'm actually writing this on a cold and blustery 18th and I know that a lot of you - just like me, in fact - will be away from your computers, scanning the night skies for broomsticks, trick-or-treating or dancing naked in the woods around a crackling fire (hell, these are tough times and we all of us need to have a little fun). Anyway, I thought it was time to sit down and pass along some news items.

Secret Histories - a Tim Powers bibliography by John Berlyne

Powers: Secret Histories by Jehn Berlyn - wraparound cover art

First off the bat, we're delighted that at long last we're able to announce Powers: Secret Histories, John Berlyne's extensively researched and lavishly produced collection of Tim Powers material. Click through on the image above to see the cover art at a much larger size!

A book that essentially redefines the term 'bibliography,' Secret Histories has been nearly ten years in the making and brings together an astonishing range of Powers ephemera - a huge treat and a remarkable resource for both fans and collectors alike. As well as a complete, illustrated reference of every Tim Powers book published to date, Secret Histories offers an extraordinary insight into the stories behind the stories, collecting together in a single volume Powers material previously seen only in private collections. Here - in print for the very first time - you'll find poetry, drawings, research and plotting notes, novel outlines, early drafts, out-takes and an excerpt from the author's unpublished 1974 novel, To Serve in Hell.

Supporting these riches are story notes and commentary by Powers himself and you'll also find articles and essays from collaborators, friends and renowned Powers aficionados including Dean Koontz, Jim Blaylock, China Miéville, Karen Joy Fowler, John Bierer, John Berlyne and William Ashless. Powers: Secret Histories is an unprecedented bibliographic tribute celebrating the work of a truly extraordinary writer.

We'll be issuing three editions of this oversized hardcover, all printed in glorious full colour and all dust-jacketed:

  • a limited numbered state, signed by Powers - 1,000 numbered copies @ £40.00;
  • a slipcased state, signed by all contributors, and issued with an additional book -- an incomplete and previously unpublished novel written by Powers in the early seventies entitled The Waters Deep, Deep, Deep. Only available as part of this package, The Waters, Deep, Deep, Deep will be signed by Powers and will feature unique cover art and internal illustrations by him, as well as both an introduction and afterword - 200 copies @ £195.00;
  • and, to reflect Powers's considerable caché as a collectable author, we're also offering a deluxe, lettered edition which will be as the above slipcased state but with an exceptionally significant additional item. Tim has given us exclusive permission to reproduce a full colour facsimile edition of his original handwritten manuscript of The Anubis Gates, complete with doodles, crossings out, dog-eared corners and even coffee stains! Only twenty-six copies of this facsimile, signed by Powers and individually lettered, will be available as part of this deluxe three book, specially slipcased edition.. an incredible item that offers a unique insight into the history of this much-loved, modern-day, time-travel classic. - 26 copies @ £495.00.

The books are all finished design-wise. We're currently getting the various tip sheets signed and the slipcase company is working on the elaborate creations we've devised to house the books. I now feel confident to announce that, as per our plans, we'll have copies available for EasterCon next March - where Tim is Guest of Honour. We should, however, point out that, judging from interest we've had from people over the last few years with regard to this long-awaited project, the top two editions are likely to be sold out on pre-order.

Postscripts - new sub rates and a Steven King incentive!

Following on from my recent announcement, we can now confirm that Postscripts magazine will cease after issue #17 (this winter)... but put away those hankies, true believers! Postscripts the quarterly anthology will commence in the spring of 2009 with issue #18, pretty much a special all-crime issue.

Just to refresh your memories:

  • there'll be more words - instead of our hitherto usual 55-60,000 words, we'll be going for around 70-80,000 (our novella titles generally run 20-40,000);
  • the two-column format will change to a full-width format;
  • both editions will be hardcover (an unsigned state at £12/$25 and a signed state at £25/$50) - so no more paperbacks;
  • and finally, there'll be no more postage charges for subscribers.

New Postscripts subscription rates

Subscription rates for the unsigned hardcover edition will be:

  • four issues [one year]: £40 post-free (instead of £48 plus postage if you buy the issues individually - the paperback edition is currently £26 in the UK and £30 outside the UK)
  • eight issues [two years]: £72 post-free (instead of £96 plus postage - not previously available)
  • twelve issues [three years]: £96 post-free (instead of £144 plus postage - not previously available)

Subscription rates for the signed hardcover edition will be:

  • four issues [one year]: £100 post-free (instead of £120 plus postage - no change)
  • eight issues [two years]: £190 post-free (instead of £240 plus postage - not previously available)
  • twelve issues [three years]: £270 post-free (instead of £360 plus postage - not previously available)

Subscribers will still receive a special chapbook each December, completely free of charge. These chapbooks will not be available to buy, even direct from PS.

Special five-year subscription incentive - ultra-limited edition of Stephen King's "One For The Road"

And for those folks who would like to take out a five-year subscription, we have an extra-special deal:

  • twenty issues of the unsigned edition [five years]: £200 post-free (instead of £240 plus postage - not previously available)
  • twenty issues of the signed edition [five years]: £450 post-free (instead of £500 plus postage - not previously available)

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that the discounts for the five-year subs just don't seem as good as those for the two- and three-years subs. Well, we've got a little extra incentive for the five-year deal. But be warned: we've got only 200 of the unsigned edition and 100 of the signed edition. Here's what it is.

We've negotiated the one-off rights to publish Stephen King's wonderful story "One For The Road" (a favourite of mine) as a strictly-limited, extensively illustrated, full colour hardcover edition.

Steve won't be signing any copies - he's still nursing his wrist from The Colorado Kid (heck, he had to type the last couple of novels one-handed! - what a week that turned out to be!) - but the top state will be signed by the artist and it'll be slipcased and, like the edition going out to subscribers to the unsigned Postscripts, strictly numbered. First come, first served... and when they're gone, they're gone. But hold on there, hoss... the order box is not yet up on the website - but it will be in the next week or so. This is just by way of a heads-up. And no, we don't have details of the artist at this stage - we're still discussing the possibilities with Steve. As soon as we know, you'll know.

Once again, please note that all current subscriptions will be honoured - so if your existing sub is for the current paperback edition and is good through to (and including) issue #19, then there'll be no extra money required until you decide to renew with issue #20. And all current subscribers are very welcome to take out the new five-year sub right now with the sub set to commence when their existing sub runs out.

And for those for whom either £240 or £450 is a bit too much for one hit, there'll be a separate renewal box for one quarter of that amount (ie. £60 or £112.50) - all you'll need to do is hit that box four times within one year and, after the fourth one, you'll receive your copy of One For The Road. (Of course, your actual subscription to Postscripts will begin as soon as you send us just one payment... and your copy of Steve's story will be set on one side for you.)

That all make sense? I sure hope so. But you'll let me know, I'm sure.

PS Publishing 10th Anniversary projects - Decade boxed set

Next year will be PS Publishing's tenth year in business - in short, a milestone. (Well, it is as far as we're concerned!) So we're aiming to celebrate it with a few special projects.

The first one we can announce is that we'll be doing a special four-book boxed set called Decade (hey, Neil Young did it so why can't we?!). The set will comprise new editions - revised by the authors and featuring new cover artwork plus, we hope, additional material relevant to the original pieces - of Graham Joyce's Leningrad Nights, James Lovegrove's How The Other Half Lives, Kim Newman's Andy Warhol's Dracula and Michael Marshall Smith's The Vaccinator. All of the books will be signed by the author concerned and there will be 250 numbered copies of the set priced at £100.

Okay, that’s enough for this time. We’ll bring you up to speed with new purchases next time out. Look after each other... and happy reading!


word from Fairwood Press (publisher of Talebones):

---Email rec'd:
You're receiving this email because of your relationship with Fairwood Press. Please confirm your continued interest in receiving email from us.
You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.
Fairwood Press - The Future of Fiction

Fairwood Press Newsletter
October 2008
In This Issue
- Long Walks, Long Flights and Other Strange Journeys
- Across the Sky
- The Gods Perspire
- The Exquisite Corpuscle
- Sightings

Also available from
Fairwood Press:

Where Angels Fear by Ken Rand
Where Angels Fear
The Collected Short Fiction Volume 1
by Ken Rand
$15.00 USD plus S&H


Ten Sigmas and Other Unlikelihoods by Paul Melko
Ten Sigmas & Other Unlikelihoods
by Paul Melko

$14.00 USD plus S&H


The Viper of Portello by James C. Glass
The Viper
of Portello

by James C. Glass
$14.00 USD plus S&H


The Magazine of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy
Issue #37
Talebones #37
Talebones is a semi-pro magazine featuring science fiction and dark fantasy from established and up-and-coming writers. It debuted in 1995 and is owned and edited by Patrick Swenson, who also owns Fairwood Press, Inc.
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is an annual retreat situated on Lake Quinalt on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
Retreat 2009:
March 4 - 8
Rainforest Writers Retreat
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Fairwood Press


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Dear Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you well! There has been a lot of activity at Fairwood Press recently. To start, I've welcomed Adriene Loska to our staff. Adrienne will be heading up public relations and marketing, which includes promoting new titles as well as producing this newsletter as we have book releases and other news to share with you.

It's not often I can offer Fairwood Press fans so many books in such a short time. Two years ago, at World Fantasy in Austin, Texas, I managed to debut three books. At the time I said, "If I ever consider doing three books at the same time again, just shoot me!" So here it is two years later, and at this year's WFC in Calgary, Alberta, I'll be premiering four new books! (There will also be a new Talebones issue.) But just take a look at these new titles. I think you'll agree I just had to get them all ready in time for this big venue. So without further ado, I'll let you read on.

Patrick Swenson
Editor/Publisher, Fairwood Press

New Short Story Collection from Ken Scholes
Long Walks, Last Flights and Other Strange Journeys by Ken ScholesLong Walks, Last Flights and other Strange Journeys
by Ken Scholes
Trade Paper
268 pgs.
$15.00 USD plus S&H
Available for preorder. Limited number of signed copies available.
Ships November 2008

Long Walks, Last Flights and other Strange Journeys is the first short story collection by Ken Scholes. Stories include Scholes' popular story, Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk (first published in Talebones in 2001), the short story that turned into Lamentation (his first novel forthcoming from Tor Books), The Last Flight of the Goddess (published by Fairwood Press in 2004) and more!

Click here for the Fairwood Press Catalog and ordering information.

Across the Sky by Mark Rich
Across the Sky by Mark RichAcross the Sky
by Mark Rich

Trade Paper
272 pgs.
$15.00 USD plus S&H
Available for preorder. Limited number of signed copies available.
Ships November 2008

In nineteen ventures into the future, Mark Rich moves from a moving moment during human-alien contact, in "Across the Sky" ... to madcap conflict between Human and Vegetable, in the antic "Foggery" ... to a vision of life in Venusian orbit, in "The Apples of Venus" - the story SF giant Robert Silverberg called "science fiction in the classic mode, a contemporary version of the sort of work that makes old-timers speak with warm nostalgia of John W. Campbell's famous magazine Astounding Science Fiction of fifty years ago."

The Gods Perspire
The Gods Perspire by Ken RandThe Gods Perspire
by Ken Rand
The Collected Short Fiction, Volume 2
Trade Paper
304 pgs.
$15.00 USD plus S&H
Available for preorder.
Ships November 2008.

The Gods Perspire is Volume Two of a two-volume exhaustive collection of the short fiction of Ken Rand. Volume One, Where Angels Fear, debuted earlier this year. Rand's stories are packed with punch, and his creative imagination is on display whether writing "darker" serious fiction or light-hearted romps. In this "light" collection, Rand shows his particular talent for light comedy. He is a long-time writer, teacher, and master of the fantastic. This, along with the first volume, makes for a nice fat collection to give you your money's worth.

Click here for the Fairwood Press Catalog and ordering information.

Shall we play a game?
The Exquisite Corpuscle - Edited by Frank Wu and Jay LakeThe Exquisite Corpuscle
edited by Frank Wu & Jay Lake
Trade Paper
216 pgs.
$20.00 USD plus S&H

Available for preorder
Ships November 2008

"The Exquisite Corpuscle" is a variant of a parlor game played by Salvador Dali and the other Surrealists. In the game we're playing here, we start with the phrase "The Exquisite Corpuscle." The first entry is a painting by co-editor Frank Wu. Frank hands off the painting to the next person, who writes a story, then it gets passed on (without the painting) to the next person, who then writes a poem. Each person works in a different medium than the person before. Three separate chains work their way to a point until co-editor Jay Lake writes a single unifying story. A last art piece brings the game to a close.

Features: Kenneth Brady, Alan DeNiro, Richard Doyle, Michaela Eaves, M.C.A. Hogarth, Michael J. Jasper, Jay Lake, Aurora Lemieux, Kristin Livdahl, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Tim Pratt, Bruce Holland Rogers, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Nigel Sade, Maia Sanders, Heather Shaw, Diana Sherman, Gary W. Shockley, Christina Sng, Matt Taggart, Greg van Eekhout, & Frank Wu.

Click her for the Fairwood Press Catalog and ordering information.

Fairwood Press will be attending the following events. Stop by and say hello!
  • World Fantasy Convention (Calgary, AB Canada) October 30 - Nov. 2, 2008
  • Orycon (Portland, OR) - November 21-23, 2008

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Signed copy of Long Walks, Last Flights and Other Strange Journeys by Ken Scholes!

Watch this space next month to see if you've won!

Monday, October 27, 2008

up on flickr

---A little carried away today uploading photos to flickr -- three more sets of covershots, not so recent necessarily -- just what I happen to be encountering as I plod along. Speaking of plodding along, there are also a bunch of my vacation pix from a couple weeks ago as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

word from Hippocampus

---Email rec'd:
Dear Hippocampus Press customer,

We've determined our releases for the remainder of this year and 2009. Brief descriptions follow; please visit the Hippocampus Press website to learn more, and to order. When you buy our books in advance of publication, you enable the operating of the press, and provide valuable insight into your preferences. Whether you'd like to see more original fiction, Mythos anthologies, Lovecraft or related literary criticism, or Lovecraft's Library reprints, cast your vote by ordering today.

Along these forthcoming releases, and the Lovecraft-Howard letters set already announced, we have issued a second printing of THE PLACE CALLED DAGON with remarkable new cover art by Allen Koszowski, complementing his interior illustrations. Other titles in preparation include DEAD RECKONINGS #4; a volume of original poetry by Charles Lovecraft and Phillip A. Ellis, and WEIRD WORDS: A Lovecraftian Lexicon compiled by Daniel Clore. More on these titles later.


Classics and Contemporaries: Some Notes on Horror Fiction
By S. T. Joshi
November 2008: ISBN 978-0-9814888-3-7: $20.00
S. T. Joshi has established himself as a leading critic and scholar of the weird tale. Having begun by studying the work of H. P. Lovecraft, Joshi has expanded his interests to include the entire range of horror fiction from such classics as Lord Dunsany and Algernon Blackwood to such contemporaries as Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King, and Clive Barker. In this generous sampling of the reviews that Joshi has written in nearly thirty years as a critic, we find trenchant analyses of writers ranging from Arthur Machen, E. F. Benson, and Shirley Jackson to Peter Straub, Thomas Ligotti, Norman Partridge, and David J. Schow. Joshi also addresses such significant themes in horror fiction as the subgenre of dark suspense, the haunted house, Arkham House and its legacy, and the work of the small press. Of particular note is a lengthy section devoted to H. P. Lovecraft, including studies of an array of Cthulhu Mythos writings and detailed examinations of recent Lovecraft scholarship. Joshi’s essays and reviews are enlivened with a pungent wit and literary flair that bring to mind the work of John Clute and Brian Aldiss.


The Unknown Lovecraft
By Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.
December 2008: ISBN 978-0-9814888-7-5: $20.00
Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. is well known to Lovecraftians as one of the pioneers, along with Dirk Mosig, Richard L. Tierney and others, of modern Lovecraftian scholarship. The author of Some Lovecraft Places in Providence (1971), H. P. Lovecraft: His Life, His Work (1979), Lovecraft's Ancestors (1988), The Parents of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1990) and other works, Faig has also disseminated his research as a perennial contributor to journals and amateur press associations, and through his own Moshassuck Press. This long overdue collection gathers all of Faig's best pieces on HPL.


The Lady Who Came to Stay by R. E Spencer
The Elixir of Life by Arthur Ransome
February 2009: ISBN 978-0-9814888-9-9: $15.00
Once again, our Lovecraft's Library series reprints two obscure horror novels favored by H. P. Lovecraft for their "darkly excellent effects." Reprinted for the first time, in an attractive format reminiscent of the Ace doubles of an earlier era, both novels feature authoritative texts derived from original sources, along with informative introductions by S. T. Joshi. Visit our website for a special offer on Hippocampus Doubles: six novels for $40.00.


Blood Will Have Its Season
By Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., author of Nightmare's Disciple
Introduction by S. T. Joshi
Illustrated by S. Thomas Brown and Stanley C. Sargent
March 2009: ISBN 978-0-9814888-8-2: $15.00

"In an earlier day I feel sure Joe Pulver would have been arrested for writing some of the stuff in this collection. Maybe he will be yet! In any case, I cannot shake the feeling that his stories are all well described by analogy to "The Colour out of Space" in that the descent of some elder, outer entity acts as seed producing, from the dark mulch of Joe's subconscious, a luxurious growth of beautiful and at the same time poisonous blooms. One knows one ought to flee but cannot resist hanging around to savor the corruption! And how can he write, with such intricate delicacy, thunderous prose that fairly rips up the pages it is printed on? I wish I knew!” --Robert M. Price


The Tindalos Cycle
Edited by Robert M. Price
Illustrated by Robert H, Knox
April 2009: ISBN 978-0-9814888-5-1: $20.00
When Frank Belknap Long first alerted the world to the those infamous other-dimensional entities, The Hounds of Tindalos, he mined a rich vein of macabre antecedents, whose devisers included Robert W. Chambers, Ambrose Bierce and others. Since Belknap's time, others have distilled and fortified his prophetic vision, affording the Hounds ongoing ingress to our dimension as a mainstay of the Mythos. Now, the steady hand of editor Robert M. Price gathers all the relevant Tindalos writings in one mind-blasting tome, tracing the Hounds' lineage from the dawn of the weird tale through their first explicit revelation, to the modern day with its full flowering. In 2009, prepare for... The Tindalos Cycle.


The Hound Hunters
By Adam Niswander
April 2009: ISBN 978-0-9814888-4-4: $20.00
Now, a modern master of the Mythos reveals the Hounds of Tindalos in their own novel, set in the modern day! The Hound Hunters tells the tale of a designer drug whose potent admixture is capable of opening the door to another dimension, admitting those horrific Hounds. The novel, published here for the first time, is the latest in Adam Niswander's Shaman Cycle. Each novel stands alone; however, in the best Lovecraftian tradition all are loosely connected.


Thank you for your interest in Hippocampus Press!

---I have an order just about ready to go out to Hippocampus. I promise! Any additions welcome.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

word from PS

---Email rec'd:
Hi there
You're receiving this because, at some time in the past, you've ordered a book from us. This is just to let you know that our latest Ray Bradbury titles will soon be on their way.
Here are the dust-jackets for THE HALLOWEEN TREE, THE OCTOBER COUNTRY and SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, with beautiful artwork from PS regular Jim Hannah. These are not yet up on the website but we thought you'd like to see them.
We'll be producing just 300 copies of the three-book set and the signs are that it's going to go fast. We've set aside 100 copies for our dealer friends so we suggest you let us have your orders as soon as possible.
Here's the relevant page on our website:
Also coming up is THE DAY IT RAINED FOREVER. The deluxe edition (a two-book set including A MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY) can be found here.
Meanwhile, the signed edition is here:
. . . and the unsigned here:
Truly a feast of Bradbury!
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes
Pete Crowther
Visit the PS Publishing website:
Join the PS Publishing e-bulletin list:

---Anyone wanting me to forward the downloads to them, let me know. Or would you like me to snag any of these books?

word from Earthling

Email rec'd:
Earthling Publications Newsletter
October 19, 2008
MOONTOWN published and shipping!
moontown "This finely written and sharply told tale is a strong example of modern horror ... the kaleidoscope of peril keeps readers guessing and gasping."
-Publishers Weekly

This year's Halloween book now published and shipping!!

Link to MOONTOWN page

HELLBOUND HEART -- a few additional copies for sale!
I located a few additional copies of the leatherbound, slipcased edition of THE HELLBOUND HEART signed by Clive Barker, only 250 copies. This book was sold out before publication. Please email me directly at if you'd like a copy... special Halloween price of $85 rather than the cover price of $100. One per customer, please, and don't delay in requesting a copy if you're interested!


Thanks and all best,
Paul Miller
Earthling Publications

Link to Earthling Publications

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

trial new post

Well, I transferred my piddly posts from the AOL Journal blog of this name, where I had pasted emails from publishers and made other comments I thought might be of interest but not so much so that I thought they ought to be a lead item in my regular bookselling blog. Now that AOL is discontinuing the Journal they provided a link to transfer the blog to Blogger, so that is what I hope I have done now. And I hope the feed from this to my bookselling blog is operational as well.
It remains to be seen how I might try to utilize this blog going forward. Lately it had been kind of languishing in the doldrums, but it might still be a good place to toss in things that might be of interest. We'll see...