Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sitting around cataloging a few odd books that happen to be beside me -- trying to break habit of labeling PBOs as "origs" -- PBO would be better. Tried a global change of "(orig;" to "(PBO;" -- will take some getting used to...

new arrivals lately

Not many new books coming in -- I really need to send a few orders out to publishers, but a few have come in. Cataloging later, but for now the latest from Ash-Tree arrived yesterday (yet to unpack). Also, a new edition of the Lexicon Urthus from Sirius (last Friday) and a new issue of Space & Time (Thurs). Mainly though, it's been second-hand books and a few remainders still piled up around here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

back from vacation

Made it back from Colorado yesterday, in time to mow the weeklong lawn. The thin air at 11,000 feet (near Breckenridge) in a cramped cabin with ten in-laws was a nice change-of-pace from my usual routine, but I'm glad to return to it now.