Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another batch

I'm wondering if I could possibly make it a goal to do five of these a day. That was a New Year's Resolution, but now is Official New Year's Resolution Revisiting time (according to Peter Stampfel).

Pratchett, Terry THE TRUTH, HarperCollins, 2nd('00), (A Novel of Discworld®), new in dj 24.00 Pratchett, Terry THE BROMELIAD TRILOGY, HarperCollins '03, 1st US edn,  (collects Truckers, Diggers & Wings; 502 pages), new in dj 17.99 
Ballantine 23712 Bass, T.J. THE GODWHALE, 1/74, (PBO; She was a cyborg - Part-organic whale, part-mechanized ship), vg+ 3.00 
Robinson, Kim Stanley THE MEMORY OF WHITENESS, Orb, 2/96, (a scientific romance; attempts to suggest analogues between Music theory and the structure of the Universe), new 13.95 
Robinson, Frank M. THE DARK BEYOND THE STARS, Orb, 1/98, (a generation-ship masterpiece; Lambda Literary Award winner; A New York Times Notable Book), new 14.95

Monday, March 5, 2012

a few more re-done listings

Moorcock, Michael THE LIVES AND TIMES OF JERRY CORNELIUS: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse, Four Walls Eight Windows, 1st, 9/03, (stories published between 1969 and 2002; adds new intro by author), new 15.00 
Rifbjerg, Klaus WITNESS TO THE FUTURE, Fjord '87, 1st edn in English (pb variant), (time thriller by famous Danish novelist; an allegory of the chaos and emptiness of modern times that conveys admiration for a simpler past; translated from the Danish by Steve Murray), new 8.95 
Tor 51878 Crockett, Linda SANDMAN, 10/90, (PBO; This Sandman brings nightmares...while his victims are awake!), mmpb, g-vg $1; vg+ $2; 2nd, vg-f 2.50 
O'Rourke, Monica J. (ed) DECADENCE ONE, Prime ('02), POD edn, (Sixteen erotic horror tales written by masters of the genre: Nancy Kilpatrick, Charlee Jacob, Jack Fisher, E.C.McMullen Jr., Brian Knight, Rain Graves, Adam Pepper, Sephera Giron, Nicholas Kaufmann, Gene O'Neill, Teri A. Jacobs, Thomas Deja, d.g.k. goldberg, John Urbancik, and Edo van Belkom), tpb, new 12.95 
Roberts, Adam SALT, Gollancz '00, 1st, (evocation of an alien world of remarkable power, intense beauty and profound insight; classic SF by a debut writer), tpb, vg-f 10.00